The Mum behind the Mess!

Hi there! I’m Vic, the creator of the messy club! I became an enthusiast of messy play after throwing a party for my little girls in Cape Town. We were stuck over there for nearly a whole year during 2020 and it lead to a lot of amazing discoveries, messy play being one of them!

As I watched the babies and toddlers become immersed in the play at the party I also felt my own anxieties around mess shifting. I went from being a mum that was a little too preoccupied with clean hands and clothes to a mum that encouraged playful mess whenever possible!

Seeing how much fun and joy the little ones got out of it and seeing parents also experience the same shifts as me, I was sold and felt so passionately to bring something like that back at home that I got to work creating The Messy Club.

We are a family run business and every host you meet at a class, party or event is a family member or close friend that is also passionate, creative and enthusiastic about what we do! We are very particular about the way we do things as we know that it’s the small things that add up to make all round great experiences.

We hope you love and enjoy the messy club as much as we do!

The magic really is in the mess 💫

About Us

Messy SensoryLittle worlds, lots of fun!

Our baby and toddler classes are a wonderful opportunity to get you out of the house and socialize in the early stages of motherhood. We invite you and your bub to come and enjoy a messy class structured with a little music, mat time and then messy Club. Our sessions are designed for your little ones to explore, experiment, create and play at their own pace. It is about having fun and encouraging their senses, curiosity and knowledge in a relaxed and social space. Don’t forget to bring along a towel and a change of clothes for afterwards..


Messy Club Box’s


We developed our weekly classes after seeing a growing need for a fun, explorative, and creative class for young forming minds! Each class is designed to allow freedom of exploration, encourage a sense of adventure, and bring forth creativity! Classes are a great way to get out of the house for some fun and connect with others on the same journey through the early stages of parenthood.

Each week there’s a new theme to the play! Book online

Sometimes it’s just great to have a go-to box of tricks to keep a little one occupied and happy for some messy time at home. Our monthly subscription boxes delivered to your home are different each month with a special theme to the play! They are suitable from 6 months to 3 years (under adult supervision).

Find out more or sign up for these subscription boxes here.

What better way to celebrate than a Messy Club party! Themes can be anything from seasonal celebrations such as Halloween, Christmas, or a Birthday. Whatever the celebration we can come up with a creative and fun sensory messy club party to suit and of course it doesn’t even have to be a special celebration, sometimes it’s just for the fun of it!

Just contact us to book and discuss! Our party options and prices are here

What parents say


Curiosity, Imagination & Learning


Exciting tactile experience


Hands-On sensory play


Why Messy Club?

Fine Motor skills our classes

Gross Motor Skills our classes

Muscle strength our classes

Fine Motor Skills Development

Messy Club assists the development of early motor skills in young children. When they play with sand, smudge and smear goo, and squeeze soft dough they are refining their fine motor skills by using the small muscles in their fingers, thumbs, wrists, toes, and shoulders. They are practicing coordinating their fine motor skills by combining muscle groups every time they pick up different objects throughout Messy Club.

  • Focuses on Small Muscle Movements (fingers, wrists, toes)
  • Improves Muscle Memory
  • Improves Hand, Eye Coordination

Gross Motor Skills

As children use the larger muscles in their arms, legs, feet and body to make bigger movements this helps to support their gross motor skills. Balance, coordination, strength and reaction speed are all developed when a child does things like throws sand or jumps in water. Messy Club is the perfect opportunity to further enhance and develop those skills as they are free to explore and play with different size objects and textures.

  • Improves Everyday Functionality (Crawling, Running, Climbing, Walking, Getting Dressed)
  • Develops Core Stabilization Muscles
  • Promotes Whole Body Movement

Muscle Strengthening

During Messy Club as children practice their fine and gross motor skill’s they are strengthening their muscles and developing muscle control in their bodies. By involving children in a variety of messy activities it allows them to build strength in different muscle groups. Pattern making with paint, scooping sand, playing with dough, it all helps children improve and develop their muscles in their hands and fingers. This is preparation for holding a pencil, controlling movements for writing and other activities further on. Jumping and stomping in mud are the types of activities that strengthen the muscles in the legs.

  • Improves Body Control and Balance
  • Improves Muscle Memory
  • Develops Muscle Control